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Tajikistan is officially called the Republic of Tajikistan, a landlocked nation in Central Asia. It has a location of 143,100 km2 (55,300 sq mi) as well as an estimated population of 9,537,645 people. Its funding and also biggest city is Dushanbe. It is surrounded by Afghanistan to the south, Uzbekistan to the west, Kyrgyzstan to the north and also China to the east.


It is separated narrowly from Pakistan by Afghanistan’s Wakhan Corridor. The typical homelands of the Tajik people include contemporary Tajikistan as well as parts of Afghanistan and also Uzbekistan.


The area that now comprises Tajikistan was formerly home to a number of old cultures, consisting of the city of Sarazm of the Neolithic as well as the Bronze Age and was later on residence to kingdoms ruled by people of different faiths as well as cultures, including the Oxus Valley Civilisation, Andronovo Society, Buddhism, Nestorian Christianity, Hinduism, Zoroastrianism, Manichaeism and also Islam.


The location has actually been ruled by numerous empires and also empires, consisting of the Achaemenid Empire, Sasanian Empire, Hephthalite Empire, Samanid Realm and also the Mongol Empire. After being ruled by the Timurid empire and the Khanate of Bukhara, the Timurid Renaissance thrived.


The region was later on conquered by the Russian Empire as well as consequently by the Soviet Union. Within the Soviet Union, the country’s modern boundaries were attracted when it became part of Uzbekistan as an autonomous republic before coming to be a full-fledged Soviet republic in 1929.


On 9 September 1991, Tajikistan came to be an independent sovereign nation as the Soviet Union broke down. A civil war was combated almost right away after freedom, lasting from 1992 to 1997. Considering that the end of the battle, newly established political security and foreign aid have enabled the country’s economic situation to grow.


The nation has been led by President Emomali Rahmon considering that 1994 who rules a tyrannical regimen, as there is considerable corruption as well as prevalent violations of civils rights, including torture, arbitrary jail time, worsening political suppression, as well as an absence of spiritual freedom and also other constitutionals rights.

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