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Romania is a nation located at the crossroads of Central, Eastern, and Southeastern Europe. It borders Bulgaria to the south, Ukraine to the north, Hungary to the west, Serbia to the southwest, Moldova to the eastern, and also the Black Sea to the southeast. It has a mainly temperate-continental climate, and a location of 238,397 km2 (92,046 sq mi), with a populace of around 19 million.


Romania is the twelfth-largest country in Europe and also the sixth-most populous participant state of the European Union. Its resources as well as largest city is Bucharest, and also other significant urban areas consist of Iași, Cluj-Napoca, Timișoara, Constanța, Craiova, Brașov, as well as Galați.


The Danube, Europe’s second-longest river, rises in Germany’s Black Woodland and flows in a southeasterly instructions for 2,857 kilometres (1,775 mi), before clearing right into Romania’s Danube Delta. The Carpathian Mountains, which go across Romania from the north to the southwest, include Moldoveanu Height, at an altitude of 2,544 m (8,346 ft).


Romania was formed in 1859 through a personal union of the Danubian Principalities of Moldavia and Wallachia. The brand-new state, officially named Romania considering that 1866, acquired freedom from the Footrest Realm in 1877. Throughout World War I, after declaring its neutrality in 1914, Romania dealt with along with the Allied Powers from 1916. In the results of the war, Bukovina, Bessarabia, Transylvania, as well as parts of Banat, Crișana, and also Maramureș entered into the Kingdom of Romania.


In June– August 1940, as a consequence of the Molotov– Ribbentrop Deal as well as Second Vienna Honor, Romania was obliged to yield Bessarabia and also Northern Bukovina to the Soviet Union as well as Northern Transylvania to Hungary. In November 1940, Romania authorized the Tripartite Deal and also, subsequently, in June 1941 went into The second world war on the Axis side, fighting versus the Soviet Union up until August 1944, when it joined the Allies and recuperated Northern Transylvania.


Complying with the war as well as occupation by the Red Military, Romania became a socialist republic as well as a participant of the Warsaw Pact. After the 1989 Revolution, Romania started a change towards freedom as well as a market economy.


Romania is an establishing country with a high-income economic climate, ranking 49th in the Person Development Index. It has the globe’s 47th biggest economic climate by nominal GDP. Romania experienced rapid economic growth in the very early 2000s; its economic climate is now based primarily on services. It is a manufacturer and also web exporter of makers and electrical energy with firms like Auto Dacia as well as OMV Petrom. Romania has been a member of the United Nations considering that 1955, NATO given that 2004 as well as the European Union (EU) because 2007.


The majority of Romania’s populace are ethnic Romanian and religiously recognize themselves as Eastern Orthodox Christians, speaking Romanian, a Romance language. The Romanian Orthodox Church is the largest as well as standard church of the country.

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