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Portugal is formally the Portuguese Republic, a country whose mainland is located on the Iberian Peninsula of Southwestern Europe, as well as whose region likewise includes the Atlantic island chains of the Azores and Madeira. It includes the western point in mainland Europe, as well as its Iberian section is surrounded to the west and south by the Atlantic Ocean and also to the north as well as eastern by Spain, the sole country to have a land boundary with Portugal.


Its two archipelagos develop two independent areas with their own regional governments. The authorities as well as national language is Portuguese. Lisbon is the capital as well as biggest city.


Portugal is the oldest constantly existing nation state on the Iberian Peninsula as well as one of the earliest in Europe, its region having been constantly settled, invaded as well as contested since ancient times. It was inhabited by pre-Celtic as well as Celtic individuals, gone to by Phoenicians, Carthaginians and also Ancient Greek traders, as well as was ruled by the Romans, who were adhered to by the intrusions of the Suebi and Visigothic Germanic individuals.


After the invasion of the Iberian Peninsula by the Moors, a lot of its territory belonged to Al-Andalus. Portugal as a nation was developed during the very early Christian Reconquista. Established in 868, the County of Portugal gained importance after the Battle of São Mamede (1128 ). The Kingdom of Portugal was later on declared complying with the Fight of Ourique (1139 ), and also freedom from León was recognized by the Treaty of Zamora (1143 ).


In the 15th as well as 16th centuries, Portugal developed the very first global maritime and also business empire, becoming one of the globe’s significant financial, political and also armed forces powers. During this period, today described as the Age of Discovery, Portuguese travelers pioneered marine exploration with the exploration of what would certainly come to be Brazil (1500 ). During this moment Portugal took over the flavor profession, separated the globe into hemispheres of rule with Castile, and also the empire increased with army campaigns in Asia.


By the 18th century nonetheless, events such as the 1755 Lisbon earthquake, the country’s occupation throughout the Napoleonic Battles, and the independence of Brazil (1822 ), resulted in a marked degeneration on Portugal’s prior opulence. This was adhered to by the civil battle in between liberal constitutionalists and conventional absolutists over royal sequence which lasted from 1828 to 1834.


The 1910 transformation deposed Portugal’s numerous centuries’ old monarchy, and also the autonomous but unstable Portuguese First Republic was established, later being superseded by the Estado Novo tyrannical program. Freedom was recovered after the Carnation Revolution (1974 ), finishing the Portuguese Colonial War. Shortly after, freedom was approved to mostly all its abroad areas. The handover of Macau to China (1999) noted completion of what can be considered one of the longest-lived colonial realms in history.

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