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Jamaica is an island nation situated in the Caribbean Sea. Extending 10,990 square kilometres (4,240 sq mi) in area, it is the third-largest island of the Greater Antilles and the Caribbean (after Cuba and also Hispaniola). Jamaica exists regarding 145 kilometres (90 mi) south of Cuba, and also 191 kilometres (119 mi) west of Hispaniola (the island having the nations of Haiti and also the Dominican Republic); the British Overseas Region of the Cayman Islands exists some 215 kilometres (134 mi) to the north-west.


Initially populated by the native Taíno peoples, the island came under Spanish guideline complying with the arrival of Christopher Columbus in 1494. A lot of the indigenous individuals either were eliminated or died of diseases, after which the Spanish brought large numbers of African servants to Jamaica as labourers. Called Santiago by the Spanish, the island stayed a property of Spain till 1655, when England (later Excellent Britain) conquered it, renaming it Jamaica.


Under British colonial policy Jamaica became a top sugar merchant, with a vineyard economy dependent on the African servants as well as later their descendants. The British completely liberated all servants in 1838, as well as many freedmen selected to have subsistence ranches instead of to service plantations. Beginning in the 1840s, the British started making use of Chinese and Indian indentured labour to work with ranches. The island achieved independence from the United Kingdom on 6 August 1962.


With 2.9 million individuals, Jamaica is the third-most populated Anglophone nation in the Americas (after the USA and Canada), as well as the fourth-most heavily populated nation in the Caribbean. Kingston is the nation’s resources and biggest city. The majority of Jamaicans are of Sub-Saharan African ancestry, with considerable European, East Asian (largely Chinese), Indian, Lebanese, and mixed-race minorities.


Due to a high rate of emigration for work considering that the 1960s, there is a large Jamaican diaspora, particularly in Canada, the UK, and the USA. The nation has a worldwide impact that belies its small size; it was the native home of the Rastafari religion, reggae songs (and linked genres such as dub, ska and also dancehall), as well as it is internationally popular in sporting activities, most notably cricket, running and also sports. Having actually punched so extremely above its weight, Jamaica is usually thought about the globe’s the very least populated social superpower.


Jamaica is an upper-middle earnings country with an economic climate greatly based on tourism; it has an average of 4.3 million visitors a year. Jamaica performs favourably in measurements of press flexibility and democratic governance. It placed first in the Caribbean on the Globe Joy Report for 2021.


Politically it is a Republic realm, with Elizabeth II as its queen. Her designated representative in the country is the Governor-General of Jamaica, a workplace held by Patrick Allen since 2009. Andrew Holness has actually worked as Prime Minister of Jamaica since March 2016. Jamaica is a parliamentary absolute monarchy with legislative power vested in the bicameral Parliament of Jamaica, consisting of a selected Senate and a directly chosen House of Representatives.

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